Kwaw Kese slams Ghanaian artistes fed by politicians

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Kwaw Kese has slammed Ghanaian musicians who eat crumbs off the tables of politicians and hence are left tight-lipped and can’t address social issues.

The award-winning rapper who has been in the US since the widespread COVID-19 jabbed artistes who receive monies from politicians to sustain themselves but come on social media bragging.

In connection with the upcoming elections and the allegation that some celebrities including musicians get paid to endorse political parties, Kwaw’s statement was a direct shot at such acts.

”When things are going wrong with the country and the industry they can’t say a word but they come on social media and squeak like mice”, the rapper said.


It is yet to be discovered who the outspoken rapper was referring to. Kwaw Kese has recently been spilling his guts in a number of videos shared online.

In one of his most recent posts, he particularly advised upcoming artistes to not be fooled by the charade put up by musicians and celebrities online but to focus on making money on the low.

Furthermore, he advised against keeping up the joneses and asked young acts to invest their money wisely to avoid going broke when they are no longer popping.


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