EC Sets Up 2 Teams To Review Nomination Forms

Jean Mensa

The Electoral Commission has created two teams with the responsibility to review nomination forms for the 2020 Presidential and parliamentary elections.

Chairperson of the EC, Jean Mensa, made this known in Accra on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, when she received nomination forms from President Nana Akufo-Addo who fervently seeking a re-election come December 7, 2020.

Delivering a statement, she said
“This year, the Commission has set up two (2) Teams which have been tasked to review all the Forms submitted.”

According to her, the technical team has been tasked to scrutinise the Forms submitted to ensure that Presidential Candidates meet the qualifications as set out in the law namely; the Presidential Candidate is at least forty (40) years of age, that he/she has satisfied all tax obligations, that he/she has nominated a Vice Presidential Candidate among others.

She added that the second team namely the IT Team has been charged with the responsibility of scrutinising all the Voter IDs of the Presidential Candidates and their supporters to verify whether the Candidates and their supporters are indeed registered Voters.

Both teams, she said, have been provided adequate training and have been oriented to carry out their functions as prescribed by the law.

“The guiding principle for both Teams is clear. They are to operate within the confines of the law. They are not to exercise discretion in the matter. Above all, they have been tasked to be fair and yet firm in executing their duties,” the Chairperson said.

“We have no doubt that the process will be transparent, fair and peaceful. Additionally, we are confident that the five (5)-day period provided for the filing process as opposed to the two (2) days provided in previous nomination processes, will allow enough time for Presidential Candidates to correct any errors identified in their Forms.”

“We are confident that this will help eliminate the tension and rancour that characterised previous nomination processes.”

Regulation 7 of the CI 127 enjoins a Presidential Candidate to complete and sign four (4) copies of the Nomination Form.

Additionally the Forms are to be signed by no less than two (2) persons who are registered voters in the area of authority of each District Assembly.

The Presidential Candidate is required to also designate a person to serve as Vice President, the Chairperson said, adding that “Furthermore he or she is required to deliver the Forms to the Commission on the date prescribed by the Commission.”

As part of the Commission’s efforts to ensure a transparent, credible, fair and yet accountable process, the Commission has developed a detailed Checklist that embodies the criteria to be satisfied by the Presidential Candidates as prescribed by law, she revealed.

“The template will guide the scoring and awarding of marks by Teams established by the Commission to scrutinise and review each of the Nomination Forms submitted.”

“As Returning Officer of the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, I will now receive your Forms which will be subjected to vetting and scrutiny by our Teams.”

“I assure you that our Teams will go to the work on the Forms immediately. We will contact you in within the shortest possible time to inform you of the decisions arrived at.”

By Melvin Tarlue


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