Mzbel How Can You Claim Nigel Raped You But You F*cked Him 3 Times

The Afia Shwarzenegger And Mzbel feud, seem not to be ending anytime soon considering how things are getting heated up.

The once best friends are practically enemies now, throwing shots and revealing secrets about each other since their friendship took a nose dive.

In a recent post by Afia Shwarzenegger, she made a post about Nigel Gaisie and Mzbel which suggested Mzbel had an affair with Nigel Gaisie 3 times but was later claiming he had raped her.

Few months ago, there was an allegation that Nigel Gaisie had raped Mzbel and this is the issue Afia Shwarzenegger was referring to in her latest post.

Screenshot below;




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