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Education recovery can only be made possible with the recruitment of quality teachers – GNAT

A file photo of a teacher in a classroomA file photo of a teacher in a classroom

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has decried the limited number of teachers in schools, especially those in Senior High Schools (SHS).

The Association has disclosed that the limited number of teachers in the technical spaces and subject areas is affecting the teacher-student ratio, hence effectiveness and efficiency in teaching and learning.

“We have a shortage of teachers in the schools especially in our Senior High Schools. We have a shortage in the physics department and the technical spaces. We need more teachers in the system. We don’t only need teachers in terms of number but those of high quality who can really teach,” Nicholas Taylor of the Administration and Organization Department of GNAT said.

In a special World Teachers’ Day discussion on the Happy Morning Show with Samuel Eshun on the global theme; ‘Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery,’ Nicholas Taylor noted that with competence at the forefront of recruitment of teachers to resolve existing deficit, “we can be able to transform the student and achieve the recovery we desire.”

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According to him, teachers are always pleased to see their students attaining higher heights in society, business and wherever they find themselves. “We are always happy to see that we have transformed a child and that is how we can get the centered recovery we want in Ghana. If we don’t get the teachers, then we will not get the recovery we desire.”

As a teacher, he expressed his joy in seeing his student succeed. “There is some joy in seeing a child picking up academically and also having a parent coming to me and telling me of a behavioral change they’ve seen in their children. It is also satisfying having your student calling after you in public.”

On 5 October every year, International Teachers’ Day or World Teachers’ Day is observed across the globe. The day is celebrated to highlight the key responsibilities, rights and value of teachers, along with considering issues related to teachers and teaching.

This year the theme of World Teachers’ Day is ‘Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery.’ This theme recognizes teachers for their tireless efforts even during times like COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Due to their hardworking nature, teachers are known to help young children grow and learn, even in shaping the future generation.

This special day is dedicated to them every year so that we all can thank them for all that they have done. Every profession is important in its own way, but teachers are more important no matter where you are on the globe today!

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