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A Fathers Job Is More Than Providing For The Family- Majid Michel Schools Fathers On How To Be Better Dads To Their Daughters

Award-winning Ghanaians actor, Majid Michel has dished out a word of advice to fathers on how to raise their daughters and develop strong bonds with them.

According to the actor cum pastor, most Ghanaian dads have been conditioned to think that their only responsibility is to provide food for their families.

Majid pointed out that fathers being there for the emotional needs of their children also goes a long way to foster good bond with the kids.

He explained that fathers coming down to the level of their daughters to relate with them in parenting would cure the emotional need most girls have growing up that makes them easy targets for sexual predators.

Taking to his Instagram page he wrote: My conversation with @akosuasarfoa__ AKOSUA: A lot of girls walk around with daddy issues due to their upbringing. Men are taught that they are useless in child nurturing except for providing money (which is absolutely untrue). Hence lots of men are not actively involved in parenting and don’t play their roles. This causes the children to grow up with daddy issues. For the girls, they mostly go looking for love in other guys. A guy would just have to give her access to a little kindness by way of say money, tell them they are beautiful and bam! The girl loves them and gives them everything they are. 
A lot of the girls walking around that seem sex thirsty are actually love thirsty. They haven’t gotten love before and need it badly. Yes, sex is pleasurable for girls definitely. But it’s mostly love they are trying to give and receive, or at least appreciate. Sex is more emotional than physical to girls.  Sex is an expression or reception of love to women. So you see, a girl showing you everything she has is not screaming ‘sleep with me’, but “love me!”
Likewise, lots of prostitutes are broken women. Not bad people. Just broken people. i don’t think it’s normal for a woman to sleep randomly with men she has no emotional connection with. Every night, random strangers, why? She must be really broken.  Almost “unmendable”, really (but definitely mendable with the person called Love). How else would such a channel be chosen? She’d have to turn off her emotions, which is the core of her soul, the very core of who she is, just to make that money. Why??.
Could be many reasons, but included would definitely be that she probably doesn’t trust that men really can love women or she’s probably never met a man who has genuinely loved her. So her mindset is, “let me give them what they want so they can give me what i need.” i stand to be corrected, i haven’t done any extensive research, but if i were them, that’s what i’d probably be thinking.


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