My mom got married to my hubby whiles I was on the hospital bed battling for my life – Woman

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When trust is broken, everything goes. The respect goes down the drain and secrets can’t be hidden anymore. This is the case of a young lady who has been betrayed by her own biological mother.

A Brazillian woman named Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo has bared it all revealing what her mother did to her whiles she was in the hospital seriously battling for her life.

According to Kamylla Wanessa, instead of her mother whom she thought all these while was caring and loving to take care of her at the hosipital did the opposite.

She rather chose to spend time with her husband and in the end snatched her beloved husband whiles, she was down with stroke.

Kamylla fell in a coma for 78 days as she lay in intensive care battling stroke following bariatric surgery to regulate her hormones.

Bariatric surgery is an operation that helps you lose weight by making changes to your digestive system.

Some types of bariatric surgeries make your stomach smaller, allowing you to eat and drink less at one time and making you feel full sooner.

The Brazilian woman revealed her mother after snatching her lovely wedded husband got married to him. She disclosed she already has a son with her husband.

After finally gaining consciousness, her father picked her up from the hospital and broke this sad news to her. Shocked by the news, Kamylla’s heart got torn to pieces.

The woman further revealed her relatively younger mother has been competing with her since she was a teenager.

“During this period, my mother – I swear I can’t call her a mother anymore….my ex had only visited me twice and my mother, none.” broken-hearted Wanessa stated.

This is the picture of Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo and mother;

Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo and mother

This is the picture of Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo’s mother, her husband and son;

Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo's mother and husband
Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo’s mother and husband


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