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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Stop making insulting comments about our request for pay rise

Prof Stephen Adei, former rector of GIMPAProf Stephen Adei, former rector of GIMPA

The Aggrieved Public Sector Workers have taken Prof. Stephen Adei to the cleaners describing him as a man lacking sense and not showing proof that he deserved to be called a professor.

A convener of the group, Norbert Gbogbotsi intimated that comments by the professor that workers did not deserve an increment in their salaries are an insult and senseless.

Prof. Adei in a recent interview noted that the 4% increment should have been 0% increment.

“…The people saying [the] 4 percent [pay rise] is not enough; actually, to be honest, it should have been zero per cent. Yes”.

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“The situation in the country is such that except that – I must qualify it – you cannot say zero percent for them and other people get 7 percent or get an increase”, the former Board Chair of the Ghana Revenue Authority clarified.

“It should have been zero across the board because the message should have been sent that we are in a crisis, so, we can’t have ‘Monkey dey chop baboon dey work’”, he explained.

But reacting, Mr. Gbogbotsi said he feels disappointed in the professor because a man of his caliber should have known better.

He asserted that the professor goofed especially when the salary of Article 71 Officeholders has been increased.

He said it makes no sense for the government to decide to buy a new plane for the presidency when the argument is that there were no resources available.

He indicated that the government claims there was no money but the prices for goods and services have been increased. Ghanaians are paying taxes and yet, the government is introducing new taxes.

“Covid is around and yet, the prices of goods and services have been increased. Covod-19 is around and yet, the government wants to buy a new plane for the president. Are we using leaves to pay our taxes? The comments by the professor were senseless and he has disappointed Ghanaians and it seems we did not get anything useful from him despite being a professor for all these years. He should come again,” he added.

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