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National Cathedral: Why the noise when 5 churches can build it?

Founder of the Porttersville Church International, Bishop Sam Owusu

Founder of the Potterville Church International, Ambassador Bishop Sam Owusu, has expressed displeasure over the government’s call on Ghanaians to support the construction of a National Cathedral with GH₵100 a month.

According to him, the call is misplaced, especially with the noise and controversies it has generated.

To him, raising funds for the project shouldn’t have been a problem as only five churches in Ghana could have taken it upon themselves to build the edifice for God.

“We have big churches like Pentecost who have about 300,000 congregants, Presby, Methodist, Catholic, SDA, and others so what if they all decide to let their members donate GHS 5 a month, can’t we do this to the glory of God?” he fumed.

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, while presenting the 2021 Mid-Year Budget Review Statement and Economic Policy on Thursday, urged all, including Members of Parliament, to be part of the one million Ghanaians projected to support the initiative dubbed, ‘Ketewa biara nsua’ with GH₵100 a month.

He noted Ghanaians could support the noble cause by dialing the short-code *979#.


But reacting to the call on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem show, Bishop Owusu stated the national call was unnecessary.

“This is an edifice for the Christian fraternity so why should we make it a national call? When the national mosque project was going on did we hear any noise or public appeal for support?” he quizzed.

He stressed just as the Sports Ministry and other agencies are able to internally mobilise funds for Stadium construction and other projects, the Christian body must do the same.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians have opined the government should rather look at raising revenue to improve the health and education sectors as well as provide Ghanaians with good roads and other social amenities.

For them, the aforementioned issues are matters that the government should rally financial support for.

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