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Man kills mum, daughter, hides bodies under kitchen floor


A man has been charged with murder after the bodies of a woman and her two-year-old daughter were allegedly found under a kitchen floor.

Andrew Innes has been charged with the murders of Bennylyn Burke, 25, and her daughter Jellica Burke. The two were allegedly killed at a house in Dundee between February 20 and March 5 this year before their bodies were hidden under the kitchen floor.

Mr Innes, 51, is also accused of raping another girl.

Prosecutors say Mr Innes stabbed Bennylyn with a knife and struck her over the head with a hammer and the handle of the blade, BristolLive reports.

Bennylyn and Jellica were killed between February 20 and March 5 this year

Bennylyn and Jellica were killed between February 20 and March 5 this year ( Image: MEN MEDIA)

The High Court in Glasgow then heard he allegedly murdered Jellica by asphyxiation “by means unknown.”

He is also facing a charge of attempting to defeat the ends of justice, it is claimed, by way of wrapping Bennylyn’s body in a rubble bag, blanket and tarpaulin before concealing her body in concrete under the kitchen floor with Jellica’s.

The charge also features a claim that Innes told police investigating Bennylyn’s whereabouts that he had driven her, Jellica and another child to the Old Inns Cafe in Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire on February 28.

Jellica's body was said to have been found under a kitchen with her mother's

Jellica’s body was said to have been found under a kitchen with her mother’s.

He is said to have allegedly told the officers he left them with an “unknown male” and that he had no contact with them afterwards.

Innes also allegedly pretended to a young girl that Bennylyn was in hospital and Jellica was in Bristol.

He is separately accused of assaulting, raping and attempting to rape that child as well detaining her against her will at the house in Dundee.

Police at the house in Dundee

Police at the house in Dundee ( Image: Katielee Arrowsmith SWNS)

This is also said to have happened between the same dates of the alleged murders. No plea was entered at the hearing on Tuesday.

Innes had no lawyer acting for him in court. The nature of the charges means he must get legal representation for any possible trial.

Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told the court: “I understand that he (Innes) has made an application for legal aid and that was refused. He has instructed an Edinburgh solicitor (Stephen Knowles) on a very limited mandate. I have been in touch with the solicitor in person today and he has knowledge of the case.”

Tributes were left at a vigil held for Bennylyn and her daughter

Tributes were left at a vigil held for Bennylyn and her daughter ( Image: John Myers)

“My understanding is (Innes) does not intend to instruct legal representation for further hearings. The Crown then moves that Mr Knowles is appointed by the court.”

Lord Armstrong confirmed with Innes what was stated by Mr Prentice was right.

The judge went on: “Given the nature of the case, I am going to formally appoint a solicitor. You have no difficulty with that?”

Mr Innes replied: “That is correct.”

A vigil was held in their memories

The case was adjourned until a further hearing in December.

A vigil was held for Bennylyn and her daughter at Cabot Tower, by the playground – a place where they had often met for picnics and spent time together – in April following their deaths.

Tributes poured in for them and a friend told BristolLive earlier this year: “Bennylyn is so friendly and such a loving mother. She smiles all the time – a simple and happy woman.

“Jellica is such a sweet little girl, very cuddly. The moment we see each other, she always gave you a cuddle and then always sat on your lap and kissed you.”

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