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Kangaroo escapes from circus in Germany, flees into the Black Forest

Sept. 29 (UPI) — Employees of a circus in Germany are searching for a kangaroo that escaped for the second time within weeks and fled into a forest.

Officials with Circus Alessio said Skippy the Tasmanian kangaroo escaped from keepers Monday morning outside the town of St. Georgen.

Drivers on a country road near the town reported spotting the kangaroo, but Skippy fled into the Black Forest when circus workers arrived.

The circus said workers are now taking shifts searching the woods for the runaway kangaroo.

Konstanz police said they are not participating in the search, as Skippy is not believed to pose a danger to local humans or wildlife.

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“It’s not in danger in the wild and it doesn’t pose a threat so it’s not really relevant to us,” police spokesman Jorg-Dieter Kluge told The Times of London. “The kangaroo can obtain the food it needs and will get along fine in the wilds of the Black Forest.”

Circus officials said they believe the greatest danger to Skippy, who was raised in captivity, is the nearby road.

Skippy previously escaped from the circus in the Bad Durrheim area after a dog jumped into his enclosure. The marsupial was safely recaptured.

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