Fan Shames Medikal For Spraying 5 Cedi Notes On Them

AMG Rapper Medikal, who is known for spraying cash on his fans was shamed by a fan after he sprayed 5 cedi notes on them.

The rapper has a habit of raining cash into his fans anytime he gets mobbed by them, one thing that has been noticed by the fans and makes them mob him quite often.

Well, a fan who in this recent who was expecting more from the rapper shamed him after he realized the money rained on them were 5 cedi notes.

The rapper was mobbed by his fans after his interview at Okay Fm not long ago and as usual decided to rain the cash on them, but surprisingly heard ‘so you too it’s 5-5 cedi’ which came from a fan showing his disappointment in the rapper who brags about being rich.

Video below;



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