Jackie Appiah flaunts her customized Maserati

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Award-winning Jackie Appiah once again got people talking and envying her after she pulled up at the launch of Adonko Next level launch in her customised Maserati car.

Last Monday, Adonko launched it new product unto the Ghanaian market in an event held at the Kempinski in Accra which saw a lot of celebrities in attendence.

Well, Jackie Appiah who has been able to keep her life outside showbiz private decided to turn up at the event in her 2018 customized Maserati which turned heads of patrons at the event.

Even though other celebrities pulled up with their huge cars but Jackie got lot of people talking since she hardly flaunts her wealth on social media.

Watch the video below:

Jackie acquired the car in 2018 where she took to social media to share a photo of herself with the car with a caption that reads: “IN ALL THINGS, BE GRATEFUL. WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD. ?MASARATI” SHE CAPTIONED HER SLAYING SHOT.”

But in the wake of the ‘Papa No’ saga that hit social media months ago, it was revealed by radio presenter Akwesi Aboagye that the car was actually bought for her by a big man in the country.

He revealed that the car was a gift from a big man who works in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Well, until the man comes out to claim ownership we still know Jackie who is not a saint as still the one who bought the car.


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