Xandy Kamel pregnant?- Shows baby bump in new video

Xandy Kamel

It appears actress and social media influencer Xandy Kamel is pregnant after 4 months of walking down the aisle with husband Kaninja of Angel TV.

Though it’s not confirmed if she’s indeed pregnant but a video that captures her showing huge baby bump has surfaced on the internet.

In the video sighted, Xandy Kamel was sitting in a chair very quiet at the Adonko Next Level Virtual launch appearing kinda weak(apparently signs of a pregnant woman).

The video after hitting social media has got some users asking questions. A section of netizens still thinks her potbelly might have bloated thereupon eating prior to the event.

Whilst others think Xandy Kamel of all people appearing so calm at such a huge function is unusual of her. To them, the actress has is pregnant.

Xandy Kamel was one of the guests at Adonko Next Level Energy Drink launch which came off last night, September 21st at Holiday Inn, Accra.


Recently, the socialite was in the news following a suicide post she made on social media. Her post sparked huge controversy.

Xandy sounded evidently troubled and was ready to give up, hence wanting to take her life. However, upon several calls on her to explain the post, she deleted it.

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