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Archipalago Mocked For Finally Getting A Cleaning Job In The US After Shading People

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Some netizens have made fun of Archipalago for getting a job as a cleaner in the US after sharing photos of himself making fun of others saying it’s hard work and dedication.

Archipalago shared a photo of himself dressed as a janitor in a hospital saying he didn’t go to the US to play bragging that he’s a special kind of nigga as he moves in silence adding that hard work, prayer, dedication, patience are what brought him thus far.

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Netizens reacting to his post decided to make fun of him saying finally he has got a cleaning job at a hospital making it sound and look like it’s a very bad job but that is because of the person they are dealing with.

We all know how fond Archipalago is with making fun of others and mocking them and sometimes shading them and this time around some netizens decided to give him a dose of his own medicine making fun of him.

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Working as a cleaner in an American hospital is not a bad job but some netizens mocked Archipalago because of the way he has been over the years saying 10yrs in America and now he has to stop fooling to find himself a job.

Though Archipalago and some of his fans tried to defend him, netizens outweighed them mocking him exactly the way he sometimes mocks other especially celebrities but working as a cleaner or janitor in a hospital in the US isn’t a bad job.

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screenshot below;


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