Patapaa speaks about juju in music

Patapaa, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker

Swedru-based award-winning singer, Justice Amoah, known in the world of entertainment as Patapaa Amisty, has spoken about the influence of black magic on one’s music career.

While speaking in an interview on Kingdom Plus 101.9FM, the ‘One Corner’ boss indicated that no artiste can boast of making it in the industry by using juju. Speaking with radio show host Fiifi Pratt, Patapaa disclosed that God had blessed him and that he personally had not been to any native doctor known in local parlance as Juju man for any form of help to help his career.

Patapaa said: “God has a way of blessing anybody and I think He blessed me when he felt the time was due. ”

The ‘Scopatumana’ hitmaker indicated that most people in Africa believe to ensure success, they have to seek out witchdoctors instead of working hard. He, however, maintained that he made it in the music industry through his hard work and perseverance to make a name for himself.

Patapaa disclosed that God blessed him and that he has not been to any native doctor for help.

He went on to advise upcoming musicians to believe in God and work hard and that success would follow in due season. Patapaa shared a rather sad story and revealed that when he was struggling, no one showed him love but as soon as he came to the limelight, people started fabricating stories about him.

Source : Yen


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