JHS car manufacturer’s major dream project revealed

Inventor of the season, Kelvin Odartei, who has received nationwide accolades for manufacturing a car from scrap, has revealed his first dream project; an aeroplane.

His mother, Abigail Pebi, revealed that at a tender age of 10, he was fascinated by the mechanisms of a plane and started utilising household materials in developing one.

With no formal skills, she added, the now Junior High School (JHS) graduate built plane prototype with milk containers and a fan motor as engine.

“He used milk cans and would produce the aeroplane body day-by-day. When he completed, the aeroplane took off successfully but then it crashed unexpectedly. He realised the plane could not take off above human level so he stopped,” she narrated.

Additionally, Madam Abigail confessed she tried to talk him out of developing his skill, but his father, who was his mentor before his death, urged him on.


He said he hanged on the little ray of hope and made more prototypes for exhibitions which won him many awards.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian automobile company, Kantanka, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education have expressed desire to mentor the “born handmade crafter”.


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