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Bolton Technical launches its range of cell phone signal boosters accessories in Ghana

Bolton Technical has launched a new range of cell phone signal boostersBolton Technical has launched a new range of cell phone signal boosters

High-quality cell phone signal boosters are making their way to Ghana. Bolton Technical brings their full line of cellular antennas, cables, and accessories to Ghana including the already powerful Wilson Electronics line of cell phone signal boosters, as well as launching a full eCommerce service in Ghana.

Bolton Technical’s goal is to provide the best quality cellular boosting equipment in the Ghanaian market, backed up by first-class technical sales and assistance. They are fully equipped to provide market-leading systems design and technical support.

Bolton Technical’s online store offers a wide range of Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters, antennas, accessories, and cables. All WilsonPro boosters are designed, assembled, and tested at the company’s U.S. facilities, and are both FCC and NCA Approved for use in Ghana. They are guaranteed to boost MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Busy, and Tigo cell phone signals.

Available for purchase are a range of boosters capable of covering from 150m² to 8000m² spaces. Multiple units can quite easily cover much larger areas and solutions can be customized for specific building layouts. Plug and play kits are available for vehicles – perfect for remote travel or for businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles requiring connectivity.

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WilsonPro cell boosters provide an indoor coverage area up to 6 times larger than competing boosters. Wilson signal boosters outperform the competition by delivering:

1. higher uplink (phone-to-tower) power for higher user capacity and greater calling range.

2. Higher downlink (tower-to-phone) power for a more expansive indoor coverage area.

That’s not all. Bolton Technical strives to bring the very best in customer support by offering:

1. Reliable Shipping to Major Cities in Ghana

2. African Technical Support Team

3. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

4. 1-year warranty on all Products

What Boosters are Available?

The WilsonPro A500 and A1000 Boosters provide the maximum downlink (cell tower to device) power of any competing solution available in Africa and allow for a more expansive indoor signal coverage area.

The weBoost Drive AM100-Pro is the top-seller in the vehicle category and provides whole vehicle coverage even in rural areas.

The weboost AH100-Pro is a single-room booster for the budget-conscious, with up to 150m² of coverage.

Finally, the WilsonPro A8000 Enterprise is a large commercial or enterprise booster, by far the most powerful cell phone signal booster available on the African continent with up to 8000m² of coverage.

More information on these and other Wilson Electronics signal booster solutions is available on Bolton Technical Ghana’s website: https://gh.boltontechnicalafrica.com/

Premium RF Accessories

Antennas are the backbone of the accessory range. Bolton Technical has the highest quality donor and indoor cellular antennas on the Ghanaian market. From omnidirectional, Yagi, LPDA, panel, dome, 5G, 4G, and hotspot, these antennas are designed for any type of environment.


The Long Ranger – An ultra-high gain, 5G capable log periodic antenna. Provides up to +28 dB of gain and has over 16km of range. A top performer in ultra-remote or extremely weak cell signal areas.

The Arrow – A high-gain LPDA antenna tailor-made to be the outside antenna used in a cell phone booster system, able to provide +12 dBi gain. Simple to install, it’s effective up to 10 miles and fits on any roof.

The Crossbow w/ SMA Cable – Our signature hotspot antenna. Capable of boosting 5G as well as all other forms of cellular and plugging directly into any cellular hotspot with an SMA-Female termination.

Bolton Technical carry a range of high-quality RF coaxial cable. These are competitively priced with other coaxial cables and are available in pre-cut or custom lengths. We’ve also got a variety of pigtails and Low-PIM options.

Connectors and Adapters include everything needed to create compatibility between our accessories. While not the flashiest items in our repertoire, these are true champions. These accessories provide a mere 0.1 dB of attenuation, the lowest on the market.

About Bolton Technical

Bolton Technical is a giant in the field of cellular components, having been one of the leading suppliers of accessories, antennas, and cables in the USA since 2011. Bolton Technical is fully capable of serving anyone, anywhere. They specialize in not only supplying but integrating signal booster solutions through complete turnkey installation services.

Bolton Technical’s African footprint is extensive, with a distribution hub in South Africa and does frequent business in 12 other African countries. In addition to the African continent, they are also currently exporting to Canada and Australia.

Bolton Technical’s online business has served over 120,000 customers, and they are proud to be entering the Ghanaian market with their new e-commerce website, https://www.gh.boltontechnicalafrica.com/.

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