Twitter suspends Kanye West –

Kanye West

Kanye West has continued with his Twitter rant over his frustrations with the music industry. The star left many fans in disbelief when he posted a video of himself literally urinating on one of his Grammy awards in a toilet bowl.

The star made it clear on the app that he wanted to be freed from all his recording contracts.

The billionaire rapper revealed he won’t release new music until he is freed from his contracts with Sony/ATV Publishing and Universal. He shared numerous pages of documents of his contracts with the record labels with an aim to prove that he was going to do anything to get out of the contracts.

Twitter’s suspension of the musician led to another stunt when he shared the phone number of a Forbes magazine editor.

This was against Twitter policy and he was suspended for violating the platform rules. The artiste had urged his fans to call the magazine’s editor and he included a screenshot of a phone number he said belonged to the editor.

The ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ rapper even called on other musicians such as Bono, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift to assist him in his cause.

Kanye West had earlier expressed that his music masters were worth more than those of singer Taylor Swift. The US rapper also tweeted that artistes deserve to own their masters because they “are starving without tours”. He asked artistws to pray for him as he was on a journey to get all their masters.



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