I Got Inspired To Do After I Divorced My Husband After Five Years Of Marriage

Budding Ghanaian musician, Iona Reine has revealed she found solace in music after going through a bad divorce.

According to Iona, after divorcing her husband after five years of marriage together, she decided to pursue music.

“I just woke up one morning and decided to do music. I told myself I would do it after going through some emotional problems. I was broken-hearted after my divorce to a man I was married to for five (5) years and had two (2) kids with”.

Iona who is gradually gaining grounds  in the music industry believes her ex-husband would not have allowed her to pursue her music career if they were still together. She added that he would have insisted she became a gospel musician.

Speaking on if she will go back to her Ex- husband, Iona revealed that she has no plans of going back to him or getting married soon.

“To be married for five (5) years and leave is no joke. But I am not sure I want to marry anytime soon. Men can break our hearts and all but we still need them in our lives. Not just for the sex but their warmth”.


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