Don Little never met with US presidential aspirant Joe Baiden

Joe Biden and Don Little

The internet is has now become a place where people can just show off their lie lives and go scot free but trust netizens who would do everything within their means to make sure they unravel the truth.

Such is the case of diminitive actor Don Little who returned from the United States some few days ago.

Yesterday, some photos surfaced on social media that suggested that Don Little had taken a photo with United States presidential aspirant Joe Biden.

To make matters worse, the presidential aspirant was seen kneeling in front of the supposed Don Little.

Don Little quickly took to his social media handle to claim ownership stating he was the one in the photo.

He posted: “I met US presidential candidate Joe Biden in the state.”

See the photo below:

Joe Biden and Don Little
Joe Biden and Don Little

Well, it has been revealed that the person in the said picture is not Don Little but rather a random boy who was met on the streets by Joe Biden during a campaign trail in Detriot, Michigan.

We believe Don Little seeing the striking resemblance between himself and the kid in the picture decided to claim it and make noise about it.

Sorry Don Little but you have been Exposed.

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