Desperate Egyptian refugees selling organs in hope of reaching Europe

By ANA Reporter 11h ago

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Cape Town – Desperate refugees in Egypt are selling their organs to traffickers in the hopes of gaining entry to Europe.

According to a BBC investigative report, one organ trafficker said his gang arranges between 20 to 30 illegal transplants a week.

The kidneys are mostly sold by African refugees who are trying to raise money to get from Egypt to Europe.

According to the investigative report, almost half of the donors don’t get paid after the operation.

The BBC report further revealed how a woman wasn’t paid after the surgery and wanted to go to the police, but since it’s illegal to sell a kidney in Egypt, she was told they might arrest her, too.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Egyptian authorities captured a gang of medical staff for trafficking human organs in the Abu Nomros area in Giza, southern Egypt.

The authorities arrested 16 people involved in the case, reported Saudi-owned television news channel Al Arabiya.

The Al Arabiya report further revealed that the offenders, including doctors, nurses and brokers, were caught with large sums of money amounting to at least US$60 000.

They formed a network whose members sought out victims from poor rural and popular areas, exploiting their poverty and need for money.

According to the BBC investigation, the victims are often recruited from Egypt’s 5 million refugees who are desperate because they cannot work.

Many refugees are promised a seat on a boat, but the brokers involved in the transaction are long gone.

According to a report by not-for-profit press-monitoring organisation Middle East Monitor, a 2010 law in Egypt aimed to shut down commercial organ trading and trafficking, but it stipulated a fine which was lower than the amount doctors could make in organ trading, so the transactions continued.

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