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Stupid Boy, Keep Your Mouth Shut! – TT Unleash Wrath On DKB, Others For Calling Him An ‘Embarrassment’

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You would recall that a few days ago, TT cried out for help as he is unable to pay his rent and also pay for his medical treatment of a heart related illness.

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The Vice President, H.E Bawumia came to his aid and donated an amount of GH50,000 cedis to pay for his rent and also for his upkeep. DKB in his reaction called TT an embarrassment and slammed him for coming out to beg as it is bringing shame to the creative arts sector.

Comedian DKB added: “Please the GH¢20,00 if you are close to him, let him know that it is investment money, not money to live off… it’s enough embarrassment to come out and be talking about him needing help, calling people for help and doing interviews. It’s disheartening because it makes Creative Arts look bad. Now that he’s had 20, 000 he must invest it. He shouldn’t invest in transport or hospitality, he will regret. He should invest in basic necessities, simple waakye and koko (porridge) business. He has a brand name that is active, he can make it TT waakye business and TT Sobolo business and people will support.

Reacting to DK’s comments and others who have criticized him for sharing his problems in public, TT hurled insults at them and pointed out that one can lose all his wealth and properties as a result of illness so if they don’t have anything to say they should just keep their mouth shut.

“…People build mansions, disease take them all away. People buy cars, disease takes them all away.

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“So please, know how to talk. If you don’t have anything to talk about, keep your mouth shut. I pray that those of you saying all those stupid things, may the father send the devil to visit you…” he fired.

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