If Your Husband Or Wife Develops Pot Belly, Play With It Instead Of Criticizing It

With the way the world is changing, people’s tastes are also changing. While men are running after women with curvy bodies and flat tummies, women are also after men with Six packs and muscles.

In a few cases, some women don’t mind dating pot bellied men on condition that he is rich so that if he can’t satisfy them sexually, his money can compensation for that.

Well, according to Counselor Charlotte Oduro in a recent interview with Stacey Amoateng on Restoration show, women have to stop chasing after men with Six packs and manage their husbands with pot bellies.

As we all grow together, some of the men, their bellies get big. When we met them, they had six-packs. Six-packs can never be there forever. It’ll change. When the belly comes, what do you do? You play with it as a mature woman. So if me too my belly comes, play with it as a mature man,” she advised.

Counselor Charlotte added that the body of women go through a lot of changes after childbirth hence men should be a little subtle when criticizing them.

If I have to give birth, I’ll change after childbirth. I have three kids; my husband shouldn’t expect me to have the same breasts. I can’t be the same; I’m growing and changing. So if the man is not mature, that is when she starts comparing you to one university girl who doesn’t know anything.” She added.

She went ahead to advise couples who are planning on getting married to be cautious of over spending.

“Marriage is not a party. It’s not just about having ten bridesmaids… Those things are just a fallacy, excuse my language. It’s not about your wedding; it’s about how you ended the marriage. How can the woman stand as the helpmate when she enters and the man doesn’t have the money anymore?

“If you’re going to marry a woman because she is beautiful, she has shape, when it goes down, you need to live with her somebody who’s got a good character. Can she stand with you when nothing is working? That is what we call marriage.”


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