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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Leave The President, IGP Alone

IGP George Akuffo Dampare

The beauty of democracy is that the rule of law is a cornerstone of this world-acclaimed system of governance.

It allows for the aggrieved to go to court and indeed when a lower court’s decision is unacceptable the appellant can proceed to a higher and even the apex court as the case maybe.

We are building a country based on the rule of law not otherwise. A Ghanaian, regardless of his status is alleged to have committed an offence and the law enforcement department represented by the IGP and his personnel, CID et al have moved in to apply the law.

The court decides in such matters. Unfortunately, a certain culture has pertained in this country for a long time which allows for the interference in the work of the law enforcement department an integral part of the justice administration system.

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It takes good governance to break this unacceptable and inappropriate trend. The government as constituted is on the path of reversing the former culture in which the police are unable to discharge their duties without dreading ‘an order from above.’

Investments cannot be attracted when a country’s application of the law is fettered.

It is only when the rule of law is allowed to prevail that justice is available to all regardless of their statuses in society.

In the past few days following a police action on a personality with an appreciable level of popularity there has been varied discussions in the media about the action by persons who do not appear to appreciate the dividends of the rule of law.

Shouldn’t that be an opportunity for us to show the world that in our country and under the current government the rule of law is in motion?

The usual partisan touch to the subject has not helped matters. There is the need for all of us to join in the crusade of building a modern civilized country where there is no selective administration of justice.

We have observed admiringly that since the story broke out about a police action following an incident there has not been an executive interference a relieving departure from previous practices in the history of this country. That of course is how to build a nation along a path of best practices.

It is therefore, not in order for some persons to expect the President or even the IGP to interfere in a matter which has to follow due process.

Dragging the President and the IGP who superintends the work of law enforcement agents into the raging subject is an expectation which does not inure to the interest of the country’s values.

When we allow the law to work the way it should we can replicate fittingly the practices prevailing in distant lands we admire so much and regard as quintessence of good governance.

We can do so much for the building of our country ruled in consonance with best practices by allowing the law to work regardless of whose ox is gored.

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