Gifty Anti reveals shocking thing her daughter told her

Gifty Anti and daughter

Award-winning female television personality, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, has awed her fans after sharing a beautiful photo of herself and her daughter, Nyame Anuonyam.

Sharing the photo on her Instagram page, the award-winning female television personality, revealed what her three-year-old daughter told her sent a chill up her spine.


Sharing the photo, she wrote:

So my daughter, HRH goes to her dad.

Daddy, I want flour and sugar and milk

Me: (confused asked her) ‘Animuonyam what do you want?

HRH: pancake!! Daddy knows. 😳

Dear Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Are the ‘gods’ of Adumasa against me today or I have been finding trouble for myself today? 🤔

And oh, she and her father are mixing their pancake in the kitchen. I am pretending to be writing a book!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Will I eat? Is it your matter? 🙄😂😂

Her fans have since been reacting to the comment from her daughter.

Meanwhile, looking at the current picture of her daughter, one cannot help but admire the striking characteristics of beauty shared between little Animuonyam and the always young looking Gifty Anti.

Check it out:


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