(VIDEO) Most Good Women End Up With Evil Men

Controversial self acclimated marriage and relationship expert, Counselor George Lutterodt has stated that most women end up in terrible relationships because they marry evil men.

According to Counselor Lutterodt, gospel musician Joyce Blessing is a victim of circumstances because she ended up marrying an evil man who is bent on destroying her.

He advised Joyce Blessing to stop shedding tears and look for a better man who will love and take care of her.

” Joyce Blessing must stop crying at once! The man she married doesn’t deserve her..She deserves a good man…Take Obaapa Christy for example, look at how beautiful she looks after divorcing her ex husband…look at Empress Gifty Adorye, she has been blessed with her a better man and is enjoying her marriage”.

” Stop being afraid of divorce and leave an unhappy marriage before you die Young. If he is mistreating you, leave and stop listening to your pastor”. He stated.

Watch more from the video below;



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