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Sister Derby Insults A Follower Who Said Her New Mask Is Inspired By Medikal

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The African mermaid Sister Derby has rained insult on a follower who said her new mask is inspired by Medikal calling him a villager and asking him to move on just like she has.

Sister Derby and Medikal once had a romantic relationship but it ended in tears and since then netizens use every given opportunity just to make fun of her using Medikal since she was really hurt with their breakup but she seems to have moved on.

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Sister Derby shared a photo of herself wearing a mask that was inspired by Medikal her ex-boyfriend and a follower of hers didn’t lose time in reminding her that her new mask was inspired by Medikal since he was practically the first person to be wearing it with ease around in Ghana.

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Sister Derby replying to the follower who was making fun of her insulted him calling him a villager and asking him to move on just as she has moved on from the heartbreak Medikal gave her some years ago and has decided not to have anything to do with him.

No matter how hard Sister Derby tries to disassociate herself from Medikal, one thing or the other always bring them together and this, for instance, she could have passed by without having to hear the name of Medikal but a follower decided to bring him up and she has to bear with that for a while.

Screenshot below;

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Source: www.GHgossip.com

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