Residents laugh hard as fowl thief eats bird alive (video)


Mob injustice was taken to another level as a suspected fowl thief was forced by residents to eat the bird without cooking it.

The heartbreaking incident, reported to have taken place in a community in Zimbabwe, was filmed and posted on social media which has since gone viral.

The video shows the suspect – believed to be in his 20s – holding the lifeless fowl and eating it from the head as the residents laughed hard.

Someone within the crowd is heard justifying their action, saying that since he stole the fowl to eat it, he might as well do so now.


Although hesitant, the young man managed to bite off the chicken’s head just to avoid beatings but he began vomiting shortly after.

The video has ignited a lot of reactions online with most people condemning it vehemently.

Watch the video below:


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