Sister of Barbara Tommey speaks about her late sister and husband

Sylvester Ofori-Barbara-Tommey-Elizabeth Sophia Russell

Ghanaians and the family of the late Barbara Tommey are still mourning their loss after their daughter, friend, sister was gruesomely murdered by her husband Sylvester Ofori in the United States.

After the murder, a lot of people started asking questions on what could have provoked her husband to carry out since a deadly act on his wife he was about to divorce.

According to some people, Barbara was caught cheating by her pastor husband and because he couldn’t take it any longer, he decided to end her life.

Well, the family of Barbara has broken silence over the whole incident and has denied the cheating allegation levelled against their dead relative.

Elizabeth Sophia Russell, an elder sister of Tommey who is Ghana, the deceased was a responsible and virtuous woman who was not living an immoral life.

In an interview with Kofi TV which has sighted on Facebook, Tommey’s elder sister explained that just like any other marriage, the couple had their troubles.

Fed up with her husband, Tommey decided to leave the five-year-old marriage and had even filed for divorce about three months ago.

After filing for divorce which’s case is still pending in court because Ofori has refused to sign the papers to grant the divorce, Tommey left their matrimonial home to live with her mother.

Just last week, Tommey went back to the house of Ofori to pick up some documents to be sent to the father of her elder sister’s children.

Her appearance in the house caused Ofori to attack before the deceased’s brother intervened.

Not long after the altercation, he followed Tommey to her workplace and shot her seven times after she refused to give him attention.


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