NAM 1 plans to build smart city with 500 residential plots reserved for Menzgold customers » ™

Embattled Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah aka Nam 1, has promised to finish with the construction of a smart city in Ghana with smart systems, buildings and infrastructure.

According to him, he envisioned this city in 2018 and procured the land for it but the vicissitudes of life and the collapse of his good dealership firm Menzgold thwarted this plan.

In a tweet, Nam 1 said he is poised to complete the smart city with 500 residential plots reserved for Menzgold customers.

“12th Sept. 2018 in retrospect, we’re pained by the many losses we count. Refreshingly, we celebrate many successes. We commemorates today with over 4,000plots ENVISIONED new smart city coming up. As a goodwill gesture, 500 residential plots are reserved for Menzgold customers,” he wrote.

After the collapse of Menxgold and the inability of customers to get their locked-up funds, there have been a series of demonstrations against Nam1 with many calling for his immediate and swift prosecution.

Many have described the Menzgold conundrum as a scam or Ponzi scheme that was cleverly put up to swindle money from unsuspecting investors.

However, Nam 1 has remained resolute in his defense of Menzgold with the explanation that it wasn’t a Ponzi scheme neither did he put it up for his selfish gain.


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