Why It’s Wrong For Celebs to Share Their Problems On Social Media- Akosua Adjepong

The veteran Ghanaian singer, dancer, and now TV personality said she ranting and name-calling which characterizes breakup should be nipped in the bud.

These things have been going on for some time now and I need to address it. I can’t understand why a celebrity would go on social to insult or say bad things about their partner when they are no longer together.

“More so, I find it childish seeing celebrities trading insults on social media over a man or when they fall out with.

“These celebrities should know that going on social media to talk about their problems will only make people mock you and not give you any better solution,” she told Graphic  recently.

In Akosua Adjepong’s view, before social media, there were elders in the family or the church who offered counselling, and there is no reason why people can’t revert to that.

“If you have marriage issues, the counsellors who talked to you before your wedding are the best people to give you advice. Going on social media to explain what happened is not the best solution.

“Divorce rates are increasing because of all these things. The earlier we stopped going on social media to voice out our problems, the better it will be for our marriages,” she said.

Akosua Adjepong then turned her attention to female celebs who flaunt too much skin on social media by saying;

“No man would want to go home with a woman who is virtually naked. If you show everything to the world, what would you expect the man who marries you to enjoy? You have shown everything to those who don’t deserve to see it so how do you expect a good man to marry you?” she said.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com