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We are embarrassed about statistics but won’t confront – Prof Akosua Darkwah

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Prof Akosua Keseboa Darkwah

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• Prof Akosua K. Darkwah wonders why Ghana should be the second-highest porn watching country

• She said she is interested in the responses from Ghanaians

• She stated Ghanaians feel embarrass by the statistics and do not want to confront the reality

Prof Akosua Keseboa Darkwah, a Sociologist at the University of Ghana, is wondering why Ghana has been ranked as the second-highest country when it comes to the watching of pornographic content.

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According to her, even though she doesn’t know how they came up with the figures, she is thinking the numbers are based on viewings from Ghana.

Speaking on Newsfile on Saturday, September 11, Prof Darkwah asked if the figures used in ranking Ghana were calculated based on the population of the country.

“Because Ghana is a population of thirty million, Nigeria’s population is at least three times that. If they did include population size and we come second after Nigeria, then that’s quite something.

“I’m actually far more interested in the Ghanaian responses to our status as number two globally…,” she said.

Prof Darkwah indicated that if a foreigner is in the country and search the site, “they just countered as Ghanaian and [so] all the foreigners in Ghana who are busy watching the porno and then we end up getting the brunt of…for me what that says is we don’t want to confront the reality; we are embarrassed by the statistics, so embarrassed that we would rather deny the possibility that exists here.”

She added that, there are many aspects of the Ghanaian life “that we feel too embarrassed by are unwilling to confront and address and until we recognize this that happen here; this is taking place here; people are watching porno by night and that going about their daily business by day and probably during the day condemning those who are watching…”

She further indicated that, if many Ghanaians are watching pornographic materials, then what does it tells us [Ghanaians] about our sexuality; our sex life.

“And how does that much up with the conversations we have in public about what we do and who we are in terms of Ghanaian conceptions of appropriate sexual behaviours etc.

“They are many aspects of our lives especially dealing with matters of sexuality that we fail to address and we think the more we stick our heads in the sun ostriches the better off we are or if we deny it long enough it will disappear but that does not how the world works; it does exist, we have to recognize that it does exist…,” Pro Darkwah stressed.


Ghana has been ranked as the second-highest country when it comes to the watching of porn by the adult content site, PornHub.

The site’s ranking also shows that Ghana’s West African neighbours, Nigeria lead in the rankings when it comes to porn watching.

The West African countries took the topmost positions after PornHub did a ranking of where most of their viewership comes from around the world.

Ghana comes ahead of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and many developed countries.

Nigeria, on the other hand, becomes first on this tall list and Kenya took the third position.

The visitors, according to PornHub, search for Big Beautiful Women (BBW) where plus-size ladies are observed having women in the list.

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