“Give your parents a befitting living not a befitting burial” – Boxer, Anthony Joshua » ™

According to British professional boxer, Anthony Joshua, a befitting living given to parents by their children is better than a befitting burial.

The two-time unified heavyweight champion, admonished children to give their best to their parents while they are alive since any show of love and grandiose after their death is inconsequential.

Anthony Joshua in a Snapchat update, advised children who have broken relationships with the parents should, immediately, mend it and begin to express their genuine love and concern towards their parents.

“Dear children you can’t give your parents a befitting burial while you didn’t give them a befitting live. They can’t see your love after they are gone or see you true affection from the coffin.

“Give your mother or father a hug or a call and express your gratitude today. If you don’t have a good relationship with your mother or father this message is not for you.”

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