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SnapChat launches Birthdays Mini to help you remember your friend’s birthday

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By Dhivana Rajgopaul 41m ago

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SnapChat is launching the Birthdays Mini that will make it easier for people to remember Snapchat friends’ birthdays.

Users of the multimedia instant messaging app can enjoy personal greetings and birthday messages from your friends.

With Birthday Minis, users can:

  • See a list of upcoming and recent birthdays.
  • See a list of birthdays organised by Zodiac Sign.
  • Wish your friends a happy birthday with unique stickers and fun Lenses.
  • Countdown their own birthday, right down to the second.

Only friends who have opted in to have their birthday seen on Snapchat will be included in the Birthdays Mini. Snapchat will not display the birth year or age of friends nor your information.

Birthdays Mini, which was built by Snap, is now available globally. SnapChat users can find Birthdays Mini behind the rocket icon in Chat or through the Search bar.

Last month, the app announced that Bitmoji will be giving Snap Profiles a new look with 3D Bitmoji in Profiles.

This will allow users of Snapchat to express themselves with over 1 200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures and backgrounds to choose from.

Users of the app can use peace signs and prayer hands, to scenic beaches and trendy animal print backgrounds to match their 3D Bitmoji to their mood.

Snapchatters will be able to see their 3D Bitmoji in Snap Profiles, Friendship Profiles and have the option to share their customised 3D Bitmoji with friends on and off of Snapchat.


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