Pay our arrears now – Coalition of aggrieved teachers fume

A group calling itself Coalition of Aggrieved Teachers have threatened to picket at the Jubilee house if government fails to pay them their legacy arrears.

The group’s action was triggered by Vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s claim during the launch of the NPP manifesto that all arrears owed teachers have been paid. They contend that the claim by the vice president is false.

At a press conference in Tamale to register their displeasure, the coalition gave government up to the end of September to pay their arrears or face their wrath.

They also threatened to vote against the NPP government if the deadline elapses without any payment. They also intend to demonstrate against the government across the country if their grievances are not met by the time given.

Abdulai Muniru, president of the coalition who addressed the press indicated that all teachers who have not been paid their legacy arrears would declare a sit-down strike by 5th October if the nothing is done by the government.

He questioned why the NPP in 2016 promised to pay all arrears owed teachers when voted into power and turned to do otherwise.

They noted that they voted against the NDC in 2016 due to delay in payment of arrears and would do same against the NPP come December 7, 2020 if the government refused to pay them.

They also want government to publish the names of teachers they claimed to have paid as no teacher has received any payment of arrears as claimed by Dr Bawumia.

“ Over 54,000 teachers across the country have still not been paid their legacy arrears. Others for over one year have not received their salary arrears, we have notified our mother unions, Gnat and coalition of concern teachers, CCT that we will demonstrate and even go on strike if our arrears are not paid by the end of this month” president of the group, Abdulai said.

“The NPP in 2016 promised us that they were going to pay teachers all their arrears, the NDC government used to pay after 3 months and they promised us to pay all the same time and we voted for them, why are they not fulfilling their promise, if they refuse to pay us, we will vote against them too,” he added.

Clouded in red, the group promised not to rest until the monies owed them are paid. Biawurbi


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