Living with both male and female genitals

An eight-year-old twin, Kakra is on the verge of losing her public life after she was diagnosed with hermaphroditism; a sex development disorder where an individual possesses both male and female organs.

Kakra’s guardian, narrating the story, said the abnormality was detected right from birth by her biological mother, who kept it a secret.

The torment from the silent battle led the newborn mother into depression, of which she later died of.

After inheriting the twin girls, the guardian said she quickly took notice and sent a report to a doctor who assured a surgical operation is all they need to make Kakra a full female.

Not having the financial power, Kakra has been living with double sexes for eight years, she narrated in an interview with Zionfelix.

The guardian explained she has a very small vagina opening, and the penis is beginning to enlarge.

The medication to boost her female hormones, she disclosed causes the little girl to have frequent urination.

The primary four pupil said none of her friends or classmates is aware, for fear of being shied away from.

Kakra also said she does not feel comfortable, except in the company of her ‘normal’ sister and close relations who are privy to her condition.


The family is appealing to the public to donate their quota of the GHS 15,000 required to foot the bills for the one-day surgery.

The surgery will see the male organ removed, as her entire human system is full of female hormones.


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