Zenith Bank, GhIPSS Introduce GH Dual Card

Akindele Ogunranti and Archie Hesse

ZENITH BANK Ghana Limited has become the first in Ghana to roll out the Eazypay GH Dual Card, combining the e-Zwich and Gh-Link functions.

Powered by the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), the Eazypay Card is accepted on all local bank ATMs, POS terminals and Hybrid terminals on the Gh-link platform, as well as on local ecommerce platforms.

It comes with a 3D secure authentication that provides additional security for payments made with the Gh-link option of the card only. It is chip and pin enabled and has a validity period of two years. Customers also have the option of personalizing their card if they so desire.

Chief Executive Officer of GhIPSS, Archie Hesse, commended Zenith Bank for partnering with GhIPSS on this project and for championing the nation’s ‘cashlite’ agenda.

On his part, the MD/CEO of Zenith Bank, Akindele Ogunranti, noted that “the innovation by GhIPSS to merge both cards gives customers the opportunity to experience the ‘Power of two in one’. This means that, this single card can now perform functions that hitherto were done using two cards (e-Zwich and Gh-link).”

He further encouraged GhIPSS to continue to come up with more innovative digital products and services for the benefit of the Ghanaian populace. He added that Zenith Bank remained committed to partnering with GhIPSS on the roll out of future projects.

The Zenith Eazypay card is targeted at the bank’s customers who rely heavily on either e-Zwich or Gh-link cards or both.

The card, which forms part of the local electronic payment ecosystem, has a myriad of benefits to users. Customers can use this card on all local bank ATMs, POS terminals and Hybrid terminals on the Gh-link platform as well as on local ecommerce platforms in Ghana.

In addition to the Eazypay Card, Zenith Bank also provides top notch card products that are powered by Visa and Mastercard. Some of the cards issued by the bank are the Visa/Mastercard Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards designed for both individuals and corporate persons.

Zenith Bank is encouraging its customers with e-Zwich and Gh-link cards to visit any of its branches nationwide to apply for the Zenith Eazypay GH Dual card.


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