Lovers commit suicide after families oppose tribal marriage

File Photo: Suicide

The decline of tribal marriage has caused lovers to take a drastic decision to be together in death.

The would-be couple, who had been dating for six years, dropped a suicide note, titled ‘Racism in disguise’ before consuming pesticide.

Racism in disguise, to decribe the pain and unanswered questions as to why an ancient tradition, which they said has been abolished in some parts, could become a barrier in their union.

Both residents of Anamabra State, but from different tribes, said they had planned their future together, only for some ignorant persons who do not understand equality to oppose them.

“We have made up our mind to end it all because we can’t stay without each other,”was the concluding part of their two-page suicide note.

They dressed in jerseys and hugged each other as the cold hands of death steadily lay on them.

Read suicide note below:

Suicide note from the couple who committed suicide
Suicide note from the couple who committed suicide


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