My husband is making life very difficult for me – Joyce Blessing

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 According to Gospel musician Joyce Blessing, her now estranged husband, Dave Joy is making life very difficult for her at the moment and she can’t fathom why he’s bent on bringing her down.

Joyce Blessing in tears whiles speaking on Peace FM revealed that her ex-husband in recent time has been sabotaging her career which in turn is making her feel very uncomfortable.

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For some time, the news about the marital issues involving Joyce Blessing and ex-husband Dave Joy has been on the trending list for over a month.

The Gospel musician and husband’s marriage hit the rocks following alleged infidelity controversies surrounding both.

During the interview, Joyce Blessing gave a painful narration about how his husband is treating her.

She said before she shot her virtual concert, one of the organizers held a meeting with Dave Joy in attendance and they all came into an agreement.

Joyce Blessing indicated that Dave Joy, her former manager and husband remarked that he would have distracted the virtual concert if he had not been informed about it at the meeting.

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She, however, said that after they shot the virtual concert, Dave Joy took a snippet of the whole event and posted it on her old social media account.

The ‘I Swerve it’ crooner said this move was going to impede her efforts of posting and monetizing the same content on her new account.

She recounted that she even spoke to Dave Joy about the issue and he claimed that the content that he had posted was one of her old concerts but the singer said it was not true.


Meantime, Joyce Blessing’s publicist, Julie Jay-Kanz has finally come out to speak, explaining her side of the story.

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