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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Mahama has enjoyed NDC fruits; it’s time for him to sacrifice

Former President John Dramani MahamaFormer President John Dramani Mahama

Executive Member of the Tema East branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Stephen Ashitey Adjei, has described former President John Mahama as the highest beneficiary of the dividends of power that the NDC has delivered.

In a statement, Mr. Ashitey Adjei, popularly called Moshake, therefore demands that the former President must also yield himself to the highest sacrifice that anybody can make for the party.

“To whom much is given, much is required. There is not a single person alive who has benefited so much from the dividends of power that the NDC has yielded for its members. And so now that it’s time for sacrifice, the highest beneficiary from the party should easily step up and make the highest sacrifice.”

And Moshake reasons that the highest sacrifice that Mr. Mahama can make for the party is to raise funds for the party’s 2024 campaign and then step aside for someone else to lead the party.

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“Seriously, in the party today, the one who has used the NDC as a platform to build connections and cachet for himself is Mr. John Mahama, whose former position as President through the NDC created a lot of opportunities for him.

“Mr. John Mahama made it this far through the ranks within the NDC – from MP to Deputy Minister, to Minister, to Vice President, to President – NDC has given it all to Mr. John Mahama. He owes the party big time,” Moshake wrote.

He however explains that Mr. Mahama ought to help raise funds and then allow someone else to become the NDC’s Flagbearer in 2024 because of the psyche of voters around his brand.

“When I told the party after the 2016 election that voters had lost faith in the Mahama brand, my party did not take me seriously. This is why we virtually won the Parliamentary election but lost the Presidential one by over 500,000 votes in 2020.

“My repeated call for John Mahama to step away from the party’s Presidential ticket is so that we can gravitate the voters, who are already cool with us as shown in their massive vote for our Parliamentary Candidates towards our Presidential candidate also, a new Presidential candidate, that is,” Moshake wrote.

According to him, his call for John Mahama to make way for another person is not borne out of ill will but out of a desire to see the party re-emerge from the opposition and take power.

“Stepping aside will be nothing but part of the sacrifice the party requires of Mr. John Mahama, biggest beneficiary of the NDC alive,” Moshake wrote further.

“After the 2016 election, Mahama’s family had announced that he was not going to contest again, but he embarked on unity walk in the regions to deceive NDC and contested the flagbearership race to become the 2020 presidential candidate, when he lost the election, Mahama deceived the NDC again that he had won and went to the Supreme Court without evidence to deceive NDC.

“Now Mahama is deceiving the NDC again with a thank you tour in the regions to prepare the grounds for him to contest again and become the 2024 flagbeaerer of NDC so that if he wins the presidential election, he can give mega state contracts to his brother, Ibrahim Mahama and promote the interest of former president Kufour and the NPP, in the past, Mr. Mahama deceived so many NDC gurus with the running mate portfolio and swerved them for Prof. Jane Naana Opoku agyemang, I don’t like the way Mahama is deceiving the NDC and if he doesn’t put a stop to it, I’ll advise myself, The Ten Commandments law says, ‘thou shall not lie’, but lying has become so institutionalized that society now largely desensitize to it,” Moshake concluded.

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