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With many pushing for him to make a switch from rapping predominantly in ‘Twi’ to English, Strongman has humbly admitted that he is unable to rap fully in the Queen’s language.

In a Q&A session on Twitter, the ‘Transformer’ hitmaker responded to a question from a fan who wanted to find if he can rap fully in English without interspersing it with the local dialect.

Strongman humbly replied by stating that he can only rap in English to a certain threshold and will have to add some bits of ‘Twi’. According to him, the most he can is 70% or 80% English and the rest in ‘Twi’.

Strongman is regarded as one of the best local rappers who has a strong command over the ‘Twi’ dialect and raps impeccably with a strong force of passion and drive.

However, many pundits have downplayed the global appeal of his rap style since most of his lines are written in ‘Twi’ with some bits of English which does not give it the touch that will resonate with the international audience.

Many have advised the former Sarkcess signee to move away from rapping solely in Twi and embrace and polish his art of rapping in English; making most of his songs danceable as well.

But as it stands now, it is obvious a leopard cannot change its spots and Strongman has categorically stated that he can’t cross the English threshold as far his rap style is concerned.

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