Twitter reacts hilariously to woman selling R12 000 baby stroller

By Staff Reporter Jun 25, 2019

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Johannesburg – A woman who took to Twitter last week in an attempt to sell a “fairly new” baby stroller drew hilarious reactions from social media users. 

Thenjiwe Khumalo, or ‘@10GEE_Khumi’ as her Twitter account goes, was attempting to sell her cousin’s baby stroller. What happened next led to the tweet going viral, with social media users astounded by the R12 000 price of the baby stroller.  

Twitter users began enquiring about all manner of things about the baby stroller – enquiring if it had air-conditioner, had a service plan, or if it came with the baby as well.

Here are some ‘pertinent questions’ raised by the Twitterati about the baby stroller.

Does it drive the baby to work, Thabz wanted to find out.

Does it come with a baby?


Extra benefits 

Others even joked that R12 000 baby strollers were for planned babies. 


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