Trio pay heavy price for breaking lockdown to satisfy craving for McDonald’s

By DPA Jul 28, 2020

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Sydney – Three people were fined a total of almost 5 000 dollars after they were caught by police driving to a McDonald’s restaurant in Melbourne during the virus lockdown, it was reported Tuesday.

The trio were each fined 1,652 Australian dollars (1,178 US dollars) when they were stopped by police to check why they were out during the lockdown, News Ltd reported.

People in Melbourne are halfway through a six-week lockdown to combat the spread of the virus, which has infected thousands of people and caused dozens of deaths in the state of Victoria.

Victorians are only allowed out of their homes to shop for essential food and goods, care for others, exercise, or to work or study if it can’t be done from home. They must wear masks if in public.


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