Trevor Noah wants to dance with somebody

By Yasmine Jacobs Jul 30, 2019

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Cape Town – Trevor Noah wants to dance with somebody and feel the heat with somebody.

Well, that is if a video doing the rounds on social media is anything to go by. 

A clever editing app allowed Trevor Noah to replace Whitney Houston on the video of her hit, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and it’s hilarious. The SA-born comedian can be seen lip synching and dancing in tune with the diva’s 1987 club anthem.

“The Daily Show” host shared it to his social media with the caption “haters will say it’s fake!”.

Social media user Myster Giraffe, who is known for sharing spoof videos of celebrities, shared the hilarious edit on their Twitter and Instagram profiles. 

WATCH: Trevor Noah’s hilarious Whitney Houston impression:

The edit left social media users in two camps: The lovers who appreciated the laugh and the haters who did not find it very amusing. 

A few clever commenters put forward the theory that it could actually be Trevor Noah’s “sister”.

We thought the video was a hoot and hope that you enjoyed watching it too!



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