Several Ways To Pacify Pesky Wives —

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A song by Sunny Neji brought to the attention of many the saying that “he who has found a wife has found a good thing”, and another goes thus “a happy wife is a happy life” but what happens to one who finds a nagging wife?

The idea of being done with work, and hoping to go home to a peaceful home and wife for some, turns out to be a dream when reality sets in with a nagging partner. Then end up in a somewhat worse situation with a discontented wife which has always been an eerie scene. At this point, I leave that to you to reflect on, though on a general note the idea is that such traits can lead one to a state of insanity consequently brewing an unhealthful marriage. So with this let us have a low down of the techniques of escaping a pesky wife.

The first rule that sets the tone for how the scenario plays out is to never answer back; do not get the wrong end of the stick. This does not mean that you cannot say some things. It only means that you do not have to trigger her angry outburst which only worsens the length of elegies you would have to endure. Two wrongs do not make a right so wait for the raging storm to calm down, then you can pitch your point and trust it will sink in at such serene moment.

The search for marriage is subtly the search for peace; watch out for indicative signs which are often there and if not spotted and you are already in, try to understand. Wearing her shoes might be a helpful moment which gives room to soothe the lack of communication because now you are viewing things from her perspective. This as well creates room for a proper dialogue that is not toxic.

Accepting your faults and mistakes too is a good way to avoid the scorn. Tendering an apology is, therefore, a deal-breaker that makes all the troubles melt away especially in cases that you are clearly on the wrong and you have your beautiful wife back again. Trying to understand her frustration and her constant reminiscing of past events will make prominent the root cause of the problem.

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Fulfilling your role as a husband could be overwhelming joggling life as an employee and a husband but it still needs to be done. Your wife might expect some obligations from you on particular days, if it does not suit you, how about negotiating? This will work and make her happy that you try to engage with home activities.

Consider derailing her irritation with a tender kiss and affection that paves way for calming nerves hence it instantaneously neutralizes what might have been trouble. If that does not work, walking away is another.

Another thing is in events when your wife begins to make you lose self-confidence, talk to her about accepting and appreciating differences, remind her that you are human prone to mistakes. Let her also know you will improve on your habits as she also gives room for patience and growth and do not forget to seal it with a kiss.

Patience is a virtue and in marriage, it’s basically asking you to just grow an extra layer of skin. In this regard, take everything with a pinch of salt and learn how to tactfully navigate a niggling wife. Ignore every snide remark take a deep breathe, pause and think.

Ever considered what a little break away from each other might do for you and your nagging wife? This therapy could just be the right medicine as absence makes the heart fonder you can plan a “guys trip” which helps rejuvenate the body and mind including valuing your relationship once more.


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