Man burst into tears and rolls in mud after his girlfriend declined his proposal

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For a man to cry like a girl and be rolling himself in mud all because his girlfriend rejected his proposal, it hardly happens, at least he would be gentle enough to cry in his lone area.

Unlike the case of this man, who got his heart broken by his girlfriend after he humbly decided to surprise her by popping the question at a market place and got rejected.

According to the video sighted on social media, the man who was seen wearing an all-white outfit couldn’t hold himself as he dropped down in the mud after he got rejected.

He was is somehow hopeful still as he was weeping and asking for the lady to accept his proposal.

The lady, however, was furious, perhaps displeased that the man couldn’t find any proper and romantic place to pop the question than at a local market venue.

Well, they say do not date someone who is not dating you.

Watch video below:


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