Is this the most awkward wedding proposal this December?

By STAFF REPORTER Dec 17, 2019

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Johannesburg – ‘Iyadi lizokumangaza,’ so the Eyadini Lounge slogan goes. Loosely translated, it means ‘Eyadini Lounge will amaze you’. 

And so it did over the long weekend, with arguably one of the most cringeworthy of wedding proposals one may yet witness this December. 

A video emerged on social showing a patron proposing to his girlfriend at the popular shisanyama. The woman, kitted out in a red mesh dress, is seen standing uncomfortably as the man drops to his knees with a ring in his hands.  

Excited patrons scream in the background as the seemingly despondent woman stands shellshocked. One of the patrons is seen seemingly coercing the woman, grabbing her left hand, handing it over to the man to insert the ring. 

Later, the same woman patron is also seen smacking the woman on her buttocks as the man appears to ask her to say yes to the proposal. When she did eventually say yes, the man gave her an awkward hug and kiss, before she stormed off the stage, disappearing into the crowd leaving the man on his own on the stage. 

A video of a wedding proposal at Eyadini Lounge has gone viral. Video: Twitter

Over in Nigeria, another video went viral, showing a pastor stopping a proposal after the would be groom was told he had to consult with the curch leadership first. The video is attached below.

The video of the proposal left many on Twitter shellshocked. This is how Twitter reacted.



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