Egypt hits back after Musk claims that aliens built the pyramids

By ANA Reporter Aug 4, 2020

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CAIRO – South African born Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has once again caused a stir on Twitter, this time by tweeting that aliens built the majestic pyramids in Egypt.

The post was retweeted more than 84 000 times.

Egypt, however, wasn’t too pleased with aliens receiving the credit for the colossal construction effort.

According to Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation, Rania al-Mashat, the tombs of the pyramid builders are proof that the ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids.

According to a BBC report, Egypt has invited Musk to visit the country and see for himself that its famous pyramids were not built by extraterrestrials.

The BBC further reported that al-Mashat responded on Twitter, saying that she followed and admired Musk’s work.

She tweeted: “I follow your work with a lot of admiration. I invite you and SpaceX to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid builders. Mr Musk, we are waiting for you.”

File picture: Facebook/Pyramids of Egypt.

Meanwhile, according to The National, Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass labelled Musk’s comment as a complete hallucination.

“This is a response from Zahi Hawass to American billionaire Elon Musk, what you said about the pyramids is completely hallucination, the pyramids are built by Egyptians and I will tell you quickly the evidence.

“Number one, all the tombs around the great pyramid mention Khufu pyramid, the king himself and also inside the great pyramid there are inscriptions telling us about the workmen and the gangs who built the pyramids”.

Musk later tweeted a BBC history article, saying it provided a sensible summary of how the pyramids were built.

According to National Geographic, the monumental tombs are relics of Egypt’s Old Kingdom era and were constructed some 4500 years ago.

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