Asor Letters: Repentant husbands and compensatory sex-styles


Dear husband of my youth,

This morning, I have become a singer, after the tumultuous night of bliss I experienced in your arms and under your body. I hardly read the Bible these days but your lovemaking has jolted me to find the dust-covered Good Book.

The Easter season just rolled by, but I am not looking at the pages chronicling Jesus’ journey to the cross but at the sensual and erotic anecdotes of the maiden in Song of Solomon as I recall vividly the events of last night “When my King-Lover lay down beside me, my fragrance filled the room.
“His head resting between my breasts…” Song of Solomon 1:12-13 (MSG)

This morning I have also become a poet, as I borrow words from Apiorkor Ashong-Abbey’s The Matriarchs Verse with a poem entitled ‘Born of a Wave of Emotion’ and I quote:

“…You never took your eyes off her, as she entered the room,

You undressed her with your eyes, You moaned and groaned at the very caress of her fingertips,

You clasped her hips firmly, adjoining it to your groin,

You felt her breath in your ear, along with the melody,

You rid her of every article of clothing,

You kissed every nook and cranny of her aroused body,

You picked her up, and placed her on a bed of red and black silk, colours as POISONOUS as she

You milked her,

You explored her body with your hands, and tongue…YES…”

We came hard, and my topsy-turvy world righted itself since last night.

Do not be surprised about seeing this new side to your otherwise timid wife, especially after my last letter to you whining about your apparent lack of interest in the bedroom. You have also shown me your other side, which is that, you could be a listening and a willing husband.

This letter is to tell you that I have accepted your apology; you are my husband after all. “My lover is mine, and I am his…” Song of Solomon 2:16 (MSG). I understand your habit of watching football at every opportunity because it has become a part of your identity and you do not know how to let go. If I am suddenly unable to play my favorite game, Candy Crush on my phone, I surmise that it would not be a pleasant experience, not because I am addicted to it, but because it is like a drug that makes me feel good whenever I win.

From this day forward, I promise to be more compromising as you also plan to balance your time to serve my needs as well. We cannot afford to give up by the mere reason that we could not work out our differences.

Evidently, you have taken my advice to stop following social media blindly where all sorts of characters share fake news to get likes. Ever since you started following credible news sites like the CNR where you can find factual presentations on the Coronavirus pandemic, you are now well-informed enough to dismiss the myths that fueled your paranoia some time ago.

So, in view of the fact you have recently moved back into our bedroom, when Thor’s hammer strikes with Zeal the G force of a girl, the Truck’s Keeper prepares a sumptuous Snack under the Spanish Sunset at the same time. This Delicacy is placed on the Coffee Table as the Valedictorian Slides unto a Marvelous Stool, Cowgirl style. Do not be confused darling; every word italicized is a sex position we could try even in this coronavirus period.

My days in the wilderness of no sex have changed me into a sex fiend wife and what better creature to have as a lockdown mate? I plan to have you for breakfast, lunch, supper and whatever is eaten at midnight. If you duck, I’ll dive. If you dunk, I’ll roll.

With the energy of Sampson (yeah, the Bible is still lying beside me), I am going to make sure that before this lockdown is over, I would have lovingly attacked all your defenses, indeed; what better way to score a goal?

I would finally be able to look your mother in the face and tell her to expect her grandchild soon.

Love you!

Your Ecstatically Sexy Wife

The author, Akosua Asor Amponsah, works with Citi FM/Citi TV and she enjoys relationship writing.

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