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Friday, January 28, 2022

Men who like ladies with tight vjayjay have no knowledge about sex – Midwife

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Mary Azika who is a midwife at the Bolgatanga Health Directorate is of the view that it is only ignorant men who prefer ladies with tight vaginas.

There has been a recent craze in town with a lot of ladies trooping into some shops to buy creams and drugs which they claim tightens their private part.

According to most ladies, most men want ladies with tight vaginas and therefore since they want to keep their men, they have to go in for those creams so they can keep their men from other ladies.

But Madam Mary is of the view that it’s foolish that men prefer to have ladies with tight vaginas.

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She explained that she sees men who prefer that as not having knowledge about sex adding that foreplay that happens before sex is to make the vagina moist and open for easy penetration.

She said: “I said this some years ago back at BOGISS. I said any man who wants tight vagina doesn’t know sex. Why do we do foreplay before sex? To make the place moist (for easy penetration)”

Madam Mary warned ladies to be careful of inserting thing into their vaginas with the intention of making their vagina’s tight because its very harmful to them.

She concluded that instead of that they should rather make sure their vaginas are neat.

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